Sail Away

Sail Away may refer to:

  • Sail Away (Great White album); also the title of the first single from this album
  • Sail Away (Randy Newman album)
  • "Sail Away" (Randy Newman song), the album's title track
  • Sail Away (Tom Harrell album)
  • "Sail Away" (David Gray song)
  • "Sail Away" (The Oak Ridge Boys song)
  • "Sail Away" (The Rasmus song)
  • Sail Away (TV series)
  • Sail Away (musical), by Noël Coward; also the title of a song reprised in this musical.
  • "Sail Away", a 1991 song by Hans Hartz later performed by Joe Cocker
  • "Sail Away", a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival on their 1972 album Mardi Gras
  • "Sail Away", a song by Deep Purple from their album Burn
  • "Sail Away", a song by Judy Garland from the album Judy Takes Broadway
  • "Sail Away", a 1986 song by John Fogerty from his album Eye of the Zombie
  • "Sail Away", a song by Status Quo from their album Thirsty Work
  • "Sail Away", a song by Neil Young from his album Rust Never Sleeps
  • "Sail Away", a song by Peter Frampton from his album Somethin's Happening
  • "Sail Away", a song by the London-based band The Thirst
  • Sail Away Riddim, a 1998 riddim produced by Richie Stephens and Mikey 2000
  • Sail Away, a 1995 children's book by Donald Crews