Safi may refer to:


  • Safi (given name), an Arabic name
  • Safi (Pashtun tribe)
  • Safi of Persia (1611–1642), a Safavid Shah of Iran
  • Omid Safi, an Iranian-American writer


  • Ghor as-Safi or as-Safi, a town in Jordan; see Zoara

  • Safi, Malta
  • Safi, Morocco
  • Safi Subdivision, Mohmand District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

    Other uses

  • Safi Airways, an Afghan Airline based in Dubai
  • Safi (medicine), an Unani herbal medicine
  • Pasta Zara-Cogeas, an UCI women's cycling team formerly named Safi-Pasta Zara and variations
  • , a German cargo ship in service 1956-60