Sackville may refer to:


  • Sackville (surname)
  • Sackville (given name)



  • Sackville, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney
  • Sackville Ward, Melbourne, a residential precinct


  • Sackville Island, Thompson Sound (British Columbia)
  • Sackville, New Brunswick
  • Sackville Parish, New Brunswick
  • Sackville (electoral district), Nova Scotia
  • Sackville River, Nova Scotia
  • Fort Sackville (Nova Scotia), a former British fortification built in 1749


  • Sackville Street, a former name of O'Connell Street, Dublin

    United Kingdom

  • Sackville Street, London, England
  • Sackville Street, Manchester, England


  • Sackville Records, a Canadian jazz record label
  • Sackville (band), a band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • A song on the 1990 album Life by Inspiral Carpets

    Other uses

  • HMCS Sackville (K181), a Canadian Second World War corvette, later a civilian research vessel, now a museum ship
  • Viscount Sackville, an extinct title in the Peerage of Great Britain
  • Baron Sackville, an extant title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
  • Sackville School (disambiguation)
  • Sackville College, a historic almshouse in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England
  • Sackville House, East Washington, Pennsylvania, United States, on the National Register of Historic Places