SAFE may stand for:

Acts and projects

  • SAFE Act, one of many passed or proposed laws with this name
  • State Administration of Foreign Exchange, aka SAFE (China), an agency of the Chinese government
  • Strategic Action For Emergencies, a fictional group to counter S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel Comics
  • Synchronized Armed Forces Europe, the concept of synchronising of the European military forces


  • SAFE-BioPharma Association, Signatures and Authentication For Everyone, a pharmaceutical database
  • SAFE (New Zealand organisation), Save Animals From Exploitation, a New Zealand animal advocacy organisation
  • SAFE Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, a professional aviation organization
  • SAFE Stroke Alliance for Europe, a coalition of charities that support stroke survivors
  • SAFE (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation), a UK Parliamentary Working Group who campaign against financial fraud and deception
  • SAFE Ireland, anti-domestic violence organization, fund-raised for by "Cherry Wine"
  • State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) of the People's Republic of China

    Science and technology

  • Scaled agile framework (SAFe), a process framework for running Agile software development projects at scale
  • SAFE (cable system), South Africa Far East cable, an underwater communications cable linking South Africa and Malaysia
  • Safe affordable fission engine, a series of small experimental nuclear reactors designed by NASA
  • Survivor Activating Factor Enhancement, a metabolic pathway


  • Simple agreement for future equity (SAFE), a financing vehicle for startup businesses providing an alternative to a priced equity round or to a convertible note