Sa, SA or S.A. may refer to:

Arts, media and entertainment


  • SA, an initialism of the soprano and alto voice types for which a piece of music was written
  • SA (Samurai Attack), a Japanese punk rock band
  • SA Martinez, a vocalist and DJ for the band 311
  • Soziedad Alkoholika, a Spanish punk rock band
  • SA, a 2018 album by Jonathan Richman

    Other media

  • Sa (film), a 2016 Indian film
  • S · A: Special A, a manga series by Maki Minami
  • Something Awful, a comedy website
  • Subterranean Animism, a video game from the Touhou series by ZUN

    Language and writing

  • sa (hieroglyph), an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning "protection"
  • Sa (kana) (さ and サ), a Japanese kana
  • Saa language, spoken in Vanuatu
  • Sanskrit (ISO 639-1 code: sa), a historical Indo-Aryan language, the liturgical language of Hinduism
  • sine anno, Latin term for "without year"
  • Sa (Javanese) (ꦱ), a letter in the Javanese script

    Businesses and organizations

    Military and paramilitary

  • Soviet Army (Советская Армия, Sovetskaya Armiya)
  • Sturmabteilung (SA), a paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany

    Political organisations

  • Socialist Action (disambiguation), several organisations
  • Socialist Alliance (Australia), a Socialist political party
  • Socialist Alliance (England), a political party in England
  • Socialist Alternative (Australia), a Marxist political organisation

    Other businesses and organizations

  • Common nickname of System Architect, the Enterprise Architecture product
  • S.A. (corporation), a type of corporation in various countries
  • S.A. (Salvation Army), an international church and charity
  • Sexaholics Anonymous, a sex-addiction recovery group based on the 12-steps of AA
  • Smokers Anonymous
  • South African Airways (IATA airline designator: SA)
  • Success Academy Charter Schools, term commonly abbreviated to 'Success Academy'


  • Vehicle registration plate for the Province of Salerno, Italy
  • SA postcode area, UK, a group of postal districts in Wales
  • Sakha Republic, Russia, a federal Russian republic
  • Saline County, Kansas, US
  • San Antonio, Texas, US
  • Sarajevo (official city abbreviation)
  • Saudi Arabia (two-letter country code)
  • South Asia
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • South Australia

    Science, technology, and mathematics

    Biology and medicine

  • Salicylic acid, a plant hormone
  • Spontaneous abortion
  • Sustained action, a longer-acting form of a medication
  • Surface area

    Computing and telecommunications

  • .sa, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Saudi Arabia
  • Security association in the IPsec networking protocol
  • Selective availability, a mechanism for degrading the precision of the civilian GPS network
  • Simulated annealing, an optimisation technique
  • Software architect
  • Software architecture
  • Microsoft Software Assurance
  • Structured analysis, a software engineering technique
  • System administrator
  • System architecture
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems analyst

    Other uses in science, technology, and mathematics

  • Sa (Islamic measure), Arabic measure for Zakat al fitr
  • Samarium (former chemical symbol: Sa), a rare earth metal
  • Single action, a type of firearm trigger
  • Situation awareness, a component of aviation safety and other socio-technical systems
  • Spectral acceleration, in seismology and earthquake engineering
  • Superabundant number, a type of number (mathematical concept)
  • Unbarred spiral galaxy
  • Short axis, in single-photon emission computed tomography
  • Surface area

    Other uses

  • Seaman apprentice, a U.S. Navy and Coast Guard rank
  • Secrecy Agreement, a legal contract for confidentiality
  • Sex appeal, attraction on the basis of sexual desire
  • Share-alike, a term used in Creative Commons licensing
  • Special Agent, a position usually held by investigative officers within certain law enforcement agencies in the United States
  • Second Amendment
  • Sextina Aquafina
  • Sports Authority
  • San Andreas (disambiguation)