Robot World

Robot World is the third album by New Zealand band Bailter Space released in 1993. It was their first full-length album to be officially released in the U.S., and was distributed by WEA under Matador's first major-label deal (with Warner Bros. Records).It was recorded (no producer is listed in the album credits) at Writhe Recording in Wellington, New Zealand, except for "Get Lost," which was recorded by Chris Julian at Calliope in New York. All tracks were mixed by Bailter Space at Writhe in September 1992. Design/ photography by Mark O & Alister Parker.

Lyrically, Robot World addresses man's alienation from his fellow citizens due to the pervasive influence of computers/ machines/ virtual reality. Hence the album title, and the reason why it is generally agreed to be a concept album. Partial lyrics to the title track are printed in the booklet.

"EIP" and alternate version of "Robot World" were released on the B.E.I.P. CD EP, along with two Vortura tracks, unreleased at the time.

Track listing

#"Begin" (3:35) #"Robot World" (4:19) #"Morning" (4:03) #"Be on Time" (5:14) #"Fascination" (1:48) #"Ore" (3:33) #"Get Lost" (6:01) #"EIP" (3:59) #"Orbit" (4:03) #"Make" (3:34) #"Remain" (4:55)