Resistance may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Either of two similarly named but otherwise unrelated comic book series, both published by Wildstorm:
  • Resistance (comics), based on the video game of the same title
  • The Resistance (comics), by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Juan Santacruz

    Fictional characters

  • Resistance (Star Wars), the primary protagonist organization in the Star Wars sequel trilogy
  • Resistance (V), a group of humans opposing an alien takeover in the V television series
  • The Resistance, one of two factions in Ingress


  • Resistance (1945 film), a 1945 French film
  • Resistance (1992 film), a 1992 Australian film
  • Resistance (2003 film), a 2003 war film, with Bill Paxton
  • Resistance (2011 film), a 2011 war film, with Michael Sheen
  • Resistance (2020 film), a 2020 war film, with Jesse Eisenberg
  • The Resistance (film), a 2011 Chinese war film
  • The Resistance Banker (2018), a Dutch drama film


  • Resistance (video game series), a series of alternate history sci-fi shooters developed for Sony video game consoles
  • Resistance: Fall of Man, a Sony PlayStation 3 game
  • Resistance 2, sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Resistance 3, the third game in the main series
  • Resistance: Retribution, a Sony PlayStation Portable game
  • Resistance: Burning Skies, a Sony PlayStation Vita game
  • Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, expansion pack of video game Operation Flashpoint
  • "Resistance", a map of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer
  • The Resistance (game)


  • Resistance (Sheers novel), a 2007 alternative history novel by Owen Sheers
  • Resistance (Star Trek), a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel set after Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Resistance, a 1995 novel by Anita Shreve
  • The Resistance (Animorphs), an Animorphs book


    Groups and labels

  • Resistance Records, a white power music label


  • Resistance (Burning Spear album), 1986 album
  • Resistance (EP), a 2002 EP by Mika Nakashima
  • Resistance (Alove for Enemies album), 2006 album
  • The Resistance (Muse album), 2009 album
  • Resistance (The Casualties album), a 2012 album by New York street punk band The Casualties
  • Resistance (Winds of Plague album), a 2013 album by American deathcore band Winds of Plague
  • Resistance (IQ Album), 2019 album


  • "Resistance" (song), a 2010 song by English alternative rock band Muse
  • "Resistance", a song by Japanese band High and Mighty Color
  • "Resistance", a song by Soulfly from Enslaved
  • "La Resistance" (South Park song) a song from the musical South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  • The Resistance, song by rock band Anberlin on New Surrender



  • Resistance (TV series), a 2014 French television period drama
  • Star Wars Resistance, a 2018 American animated television show about the namesake military organization
  • Resistance (miniseries), a 2019 Irish TV miniseries


  • "Resistance" (Battlestar Galactica), a Battlestar Galactica episode
  • "Resistance" (Star Trek: Voyager episode), the 28th episode of Star Trek: Voyager

    Other arts, entertainment, and media

  • Resistance (Doctor Who audio), a Dr Who audio presentation
  • Resistance: Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement, an earth liberation magazine

    Politics and military

  • Resistance (military) is the ability of an organized force to stand on the defensive
  • Resistance (YBNP), from 2011, new name of Young BNP (ages 18–30), a political youth organization
  • HMS Resistance, the name of four ships of the Royal Navy, and one planned one
  • Resistance during World War II
  • French Resistance
  • German resistance to Nazism
  • Italian resistance movement
  • Korean Resistance
  • Polish resistance movement in World War II
  • Resistance movement, an organized effort to oppose a legally established government or an occupying power
  • Civil resistance
  • Draft evasion, also draft resistance, organized or personal opposition to military conscription
  • Nonviolent resistance
  • Resistance through culture
  • Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance, an Australian Marxist organisation
  • White Aryan Resistance

    Science and healthcare

    Botany and horticulture

  • Disease resistance in fruit and vegetables
  • Pesticide resistance
  • Plant disease resistance


  • Disease resistance, the ability of an organism to resist diseases it is susceptible to
  • Airway resistance, a concept in respiratory physiology
  • Antibiotic resistance, used for bacteria resistant to antibiotics
  • Drug resistance, the reduction in effectiveness of a drug
  • Psychological resistance, the forces that counteract progress in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy
  • Response based therapy, counselling involving discussion of victims' acts of resistance to violence


  • Electrical resistance, the measure of the degree to which a conductor opposes an electric current through that conductor
  • Friction
  • Drag (physics) ("air resistance"), fluid or gas forces opposing motion and flow
  • Geological resistance, a measure of how well minerals resist erosive factors
  • Hydraulic conductivity, the ease with which water can move through pore spaces or fractures in soil or rock
  • Hardness, in materials science
  • Thermal shock resistance, a measure of resistance of a material to temperature jumps.
  • Thermal resistance, a measure of difficulty of heat transfer through a substance
  • Thermal conductivity, how well heat is conducted through a substance
  • Thermal resistance in electronics, heat considerations in electronics design

    Other uses

  • Resistance (creativity), a concept created by author Steven Pressfield illustrating a purported mythical universal force he claims acts against human creativity
  • La Résistance (professional wrestling)
  • Resistance welding, a group of welding processes
  • Support and resistance, concepts in the technical analysis of securities in finance