Release (film)

Release is a 2010 British film starring Daniel Brocklebank, Garry Summers, Bernie Hodges and Wayne Virgo. The film was written and directed by Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin.


Father Jack Gillie (Daniel Brocklebank) enters prison a guilty man, convicted for a crime that sees the Church abandon him, his congregation desert him and his faith challenged. His fellow inmates believe he's been convicted of paedophilia and begin to plant the seed of doubt into the mind of his teenage cellmate; Rook (Wayne Virgo). After rescuing Rook from a beating Jack now becomes the inmates prey. Protection comes in the unlikely form of a prison officer, Martin (Garry Summers) with whom Jack falls in love and together they embark on a dangerous and illicit affair behind cell doors. As trust forms between the two men so Jack feels enabled to confess the truth behind the crime for which he has been imprisoned. Emboldened by Jack's honesty the two men plan their lives together post Jack's release.

Prison gang leader Max (Bernie Hodges), however has ulterior objections and sets about ruining this relationship and manipulates the Governess; Heather (Dymphna Skehill), into suspending Martin for misconduct after disclosing the affair. Alone and vulnerable Jack is now tormented and hunted by Max who takes revenge on him for his crime.

Waking from the near fatal actions of Max, Jack keeps his head down and bides his time comforted by letters of love and support from Martin - delivered with disgust and loathing by one of Martin's colleagues. With the end of his sentence in sight Jack readies himself for a new life and a new beginning with Martin. The only obstacle to this, remains Max and Father Elliott (Dave Jones) the Church's messenger sent to establish what Jack's intentions are once free.


  • Daniel Brocklebank as Father Jack Gille
  • Garry Summers as Martin Crane
  • Bernie Hodges as Max
  • Wayne Virgo as Rook
  • Dymphna Skehill as Heather
  • Oliver Park as Prisoner


    Release was released in 2010 and selected to play at LGBT film festivals worldwide including: Sydney Mardi Gras, Melbourne Queer Film festival, Vertzaubert Queer Film Festival, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Philadelphia Q Fest.

    Critical reception

    The New York Times described release as "a predictable yet poetic reflection on faith, hypocrisy and the weight of conscience." It currently has a 5.2/10 rating on IMDB.