Red flag

Red flag may refer to:

  • Red flag (idiom), a metaphor for something signalling a problem
  • Red flag warning, a term used by meteorologists
  • Red flag (racing), used in auto racing when conditions are too dangerous to continue the session


  • Red flag (politics), a symbol of communism, socialism or left-wing politics
  • Red Flag (magazine), a major political journal published by the Chinese Communist Party
  • Red Flag Party, a communist party in Venezuela
  • Peruvian Communist Party – Red Flag, a communist party in Peru
  • "The Red Flag", a left-wing protest song written by Irishman Jim Connell in 1889
  • Red Flag (newspaper), an Australian left-wing newspaper published by Socialist Alternative
  • Shimbun Akahata (Newspaper Red Flag), the newspaper of the Japanese Communist Party
  • Flag of the Soviet Union, nicknamed "The Red Banner"


  • Red flag law, a law that allows the temporary confiscation of firearms from a person deemed a risk to others or to themselves
  • Red flag traffic laws
  • Red Flag Act, properly, Locomotive Act, the 19th-century British road law
  • Red Flags Rule created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to help prevent identity theft


  • Exercise Red Flag (also called "Operation Red Flag"), a series of military training exercises
  • Red Flag – Alaska, a USAF military training exercise conducted in Alaska
  • No quarter, unofficially a red flag would be lifted to show the enemy they will be given no quarter

    Film and TV

  • "Red Flag" (Jericho)
  • Red Flag, television series characters in Alphas
  • Red Flag: The Ultimate Game, a 1981 TV movie starring Barry Bostwick


  • Red Flag (band), a synthpop band founded in 1984
  • Red Flag (album), a 2016 album by All Saints


  • The Red Flag, anthem of the British Labour Party
  • Red Flag Day, song from U2 album Songs of Experience
  • Red Flag (Italian song) "Bandiera Rossa", one of the most famous songs of the Italian labour movement
  • "Red Flag" (song), a song by Billy Talent from Billy Talent II
  • The Standard of Revolt (French: Le drapeau rouge), a French socialist song
  • Red Flag, a song from Slipknot's album We Are Not Your Kind

    Other uses

  • A red flag is used by a coach to signal a replay review in gridiron football
  • Red Flag (automobile), or FAW Hongqi, a luxury limousine made by First Automobile Works in China from the late 1950s
  • Red Flag Linux, the Chinese Linux distribution
  • Red Flag Publishing House, a book publisher based in China