Red Moon

Red moon may refer to:

  • Red moon, the color of the Moon in a lunar eclipse
  • Red moon, another name for a full moon

    Red Moon may also refer to:

    Film and TV

  • Red Moon (1951 film) (Italian Luna rossa), a 1951 film
  • Red Moon (2001 film) (Italian Luna rossa), a 2001 film
  • The Red Moon (film), a 2014 Moroccan film


  • Red Moon, a 2018 science fiction novel


  • Red Moon (The Call album), 1990
  • Red Moon (Kalafina album), 2010
  • Red Moon (Mamamoo EP), 2018
  • Red Moon (Kard EP), 2020
  • The Red Moon EP, a 2005 song by Turin Brakes
  • "Red Moon", song by Will Wood and the Tapeworms, 2015
  • "Red Moon", song by The Dynamites 2017
  • "Red Moon", song by Kard (group), 2020


  • Red Moon (Time and Magik), a game in the 1988 Time and Magik text adventure games
  • Red Moon (software), the Android blue-light filtering app