Raw is an adjective usually describing a state:
  • Raw materials, basic materials from which products are manufactured or made
  • Raw food, uncooked food

    Raw or RAW may also refer to:


  • Raw Comedy Award, an Australian competition for stand-up comedians


  • RAW (rolling papers), hemp based rolling papers introduced in 2005
  • Raw TV, a British production company
  • Raw (WWE brand), one of the WWE brands



  • Raw (novel), 1998 novel by Scott Monk

    Films and television

  • Raw (film), a 2016 film
  • Raw (TV series), an Irish drama series
  • Eddie Murphy Raw, a 1987 live stand-up comedy recording
  • Ramones: Raw, a 2004 music documentary
  • Raw FM, an Australian television series
  • WWE Raw, a weekly World Wrestling Entertainment program


  • Rules as written, or RAW, the literal rules of a game, similar to the letter of the law
  • WWF_Raw_(1994_video_game), professional wrestling video game
  • RAW 2, XBOX professional wrestling video game
  • WWE video games, category listing all games based on WWE RAW franchise and more


  • Raw (magazine), comics magazine launched in 1980
  • Raw (music magazine), British magazine published by EMAP in the 1980s and 1990s
  • Raw Magazine, published by World Wrestling Entertainment, see WWE Magazine



  • R.A.W. (album), a 2000 album by Daz Dillinger
  • Raw (Jimmy Barnes album), 2001
  • Raw (Crack the Sky album), 1986
  • Raw (Hopsin album), 2010
  • Raw (Juvenile album), 2005
  • Raw (Keith LeBlanc album), 1990
  • Raw (Moxy album), 2002
  • Raw (Ra album), 2006
  • Raw (Sex Pistols album), recorded 1976, released 1997
  • Raw (The Alarm album), 1991
  • Raw (Alyson Williams album), 1989


  • "Raw", a song by Bad Meets Evil from the Southpaw soundtrack
  • "Raw", the lead single from Spandau Ballet’s Heart Like a Sky
  • "Raw", a song by Staind from Dysfunction


  • Radio Warwick, call letters RAW, the University of Warwick student radio station


  • Raw feeding, feeding philosophy of domestic animals
  • Raw food, edibles in their original state
  • Raw foodism, diet practice
  • Raw veganism, combination of veganism and raw foodism philosophies


  • Research and Analysis Wing, or RAW, India's external intelligence agency


  • Mr Raw, (born 1975), stage name of rapper Okechukwu Edwards Ukeje
  • Robert Anton Wilson (1932–2007), an American author.
  • The Mighty Raw, nick name of American musician Ron Wasserman
  • Sydney Raw (1898–1967), a vice admiral in the Royal Navy

    Science and technology


  • .RAW, a proprietary mass spectrometry data format


  • Raw audio format, a file type used to represent sound in uncompressed form
  • Raw image format, a variety of image files used by digital cameras, containing unprocessed data
  • Rawdisk, binary level disk access
  • Read after write, technologies used for CD-R and CD-RW
  • Read after write (RAW) hazard, a data dependency hazard considered in microprocessor architecture


  • Rifleman's Assault Weapon, a rocket-propelled rifle-launched standoff munition