Radio Iodine

Radio Iodine was an alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. It was formed in 1993 as 9 Days Wonder by Tony Persyn, his wife Ellen and drummer Steven “Stitch” Held. After another band threatened to sue over the name, the band changed its name to Radio Iodine. It signed to Radioactive Records, which released a self-titled EP in 1996. Radioactive Records chairman Gary Kurfirst moved the band to his new subsidiary label Radiouniverse, and the band's 1997 album Tiny Warnings was the label's inaugural release.

A midwest tour took the band through the summer of 1997. In the fall of 1997, Tom Bramer quit the band and was replaced by guitarist Mike Speckhard. The band performed its final show at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis on December 12, 1998.


  • Ellen Bledsoe - vocals
  • Tom Bramer - guitars
  • Mike Speckhard - guitars
  • Anna DiPiazza - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Tony Persyn - bass and sequencing
  • Greg Miller - drums Former member original drummer
  • Steven "Stitch" Held
  • Linda Gaal - backing vocals Former member

    Tony Persyn passed away on January 12, 2020.