Push may refer to:

Albums and songs

  • Push (Bros album), 1988
  • Push (Gruntruck album), 1992
  • "Push" (Enrique Iglesias song), 2008
  • "Push" (Avril Lavigne song), 2011
  • "Push" (Matchbox Twenty song), 1997
  • "Push" (Moist song), 1994
  • "Push" (Pharoahe Monch song), 2006
  • "Push", by Tisha Campbell and Vanilla Ice on Campbell's 1993 album Tisha
  • "Push", by The Cure on the 1985 album The Head on the Door
  • "Push", by Dio on the 2002 album Killing the Dragon
  • "Push", by Nick Jonas on the 2014 album Nick Jonas
  • "Push", by Lenny Kravitz on the 2011 album Black and White America
  • "Push", by Madonna on the 2005 album Confessions on a Dance Floor
  • "Push", by Marianas Trench on the 2006 album Fix Me
  • "Push", by Sarah McLachlan on the 2003 album Afterglow
  • "Push", by Dannii Minogue on the 2003 album Neon Nights
  • "Push", by Prince on the 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls
  • "Push", by Smash Mouth on the 1997 album Fush Yu Mang

    Film and television

  • Push (TV series), a short-lived ABC 1998 TV series
  • Push, Nevada, a mystery television series starring Derek Cecil
  • Push (2006 film), starring Chad Lindberg
  • Push (2009 film), a 2009 thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning
  • Precious (film), a 2009 drama film previously titled Push and Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire


  • Push email, a type of e-mail system
  • Push processing, a photographic technique
  • Push technology, a method of content delivery
  • A command used to add an entity to a stack
  • PSH (or PUSH), a flag in the Transmission Control Protocol
  • PuSH, shorthand for PubSubHubbub, former name for WebSub


  • Push (DJ) (born 1973), a Belgian disc jockey
  • Push (novel), a 1996 novel by Sapphire
  • Push (professional wrestling)
  • PUSH (university guide), a British media organisation
  • Push the Talking Trash Can, a Disney theme park robot
  • Push, Iran, a village in Ardabil Province, Iran
  • Rainbow/PUSH, a social justice organization
  • A tie in the game of blackjack
  • Two meanings in contract bridge
  • A term in sports betting
  • Push approach in management, see push–pull strategy