Psychick Warriors ov Gaia

Psychick Warriors ov Gaia is a group of Dutch techno music producers from the town of Tilburg. It is also known as PWOG, Thee Disciples ov Gaia and Sluagh Ghairm, two of its members were affiliated to Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth. The group has included Bobby Reiner, Boris Hiesserer, Joris Hilckmann, Reinier Brekelmans, Reinoud van den Broek, Robbert Heynen and Tim Freeman. Heynen started eXquisite CORpsE, a musical side project which had several releases, which he left the group in 1992 to concentrate solely on.


  • Psychick Warriors ov Gaia (40 minutes tape, 1989, Katharos Foundation)
  • Exit 23: Ritual Dance Music (Single, 1990, KK Records / Cargo Records)
  • Maenad (Single, 1991, KK Records / Cargo Records)
  • Obsidian (Organically Decomposed) (Single, 1992, KK Records / Restless Records)
  • Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves: A Document Ov New Edge Folk Classics (Album, 1992, KK Records / Cargo Records / Restless Records (1993))
  • Exit 23: The Drum Club Remixes (Single, 1993, KK Records)
  • Psychick Rhythms - Vol. 1 (EP, 1993, KK Records / Restless Records)
  • Out Now! (Single, 1994, KK Records / Restless Records)
  • Peel Session (EP, 1994, KK Records / Restless Records)
  • Kraak (Single, 1995, KK Records)
  • Record Of Breaks (Album, 1995, KK Records)
  • History Of Psychick Phenomenon (Compilation, 1996, Never Records / KK Records)
  • Psychick Age EP (EP, 1996, Never Records)
  • Rejammed: Kraak Remixes (Ep, 1996, KK Records)
  • Kind Of Prayer (Single, 2002, Terminal Antwerp)
  • The Key (Double CD set of previously unreleased mixes, 2002, Terminal Antwerp)
  • Maenad/Exit 23 (12''EP, 2002, Terminal Antwerp)
  • A Kind Of Prayer (12''EP, 2002, Terminal Antwerp)
  • Maenad: Alter Ego Remix (Single, 2004, Exacta.udio)

    Remix work

  • Orbital - Lush 3 (Lush 3-4: Warrior Drift mix)
  • The Golden Palominos - Prison of the Rhythm (Dizzy Drift mix)
  • Mark Broom - Funked Up (PWoG remix)

    Remixes by other artists

    In 1993, The Drum Club remixed Exit 23 three times. The third one first appears on the Ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves 1993 edition (released by Restless Records) and all of them were edited in the single Exit 23 (The Drum Club Remixes) The group had their track Kraak remixed by Plastikman, Coil and Mark Broom on PWOG rejamned - Kraak Remixes single.