Progressive may refer to:


Political organizations

  • Congressional Progressive Caucus, members within the Democratic Party in the United States Congress dedicated to the advancement of progressive issues and positions
  • Progressive Alliance (disambiguation)
  • Progressive Conservative (disambiguation)
  • Progressive Party (disambiguation)
  • Progressive Unionist (disambiguation)

    Political philosophies and policies

  • Progressive realism, an American foreign policy paradigm focused on producing measurable results in pursuit of widely supported goals
  • Progressivism, a political philosophy
  • Progressivism in the United States, the political philosophy in the American context

    Other uses in politics

  • Progressive Era, a period of reform in the United States (ca. 1890–1930)
  • Progressive tax, a type of tax rate structure

    Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Progressive music, a type of music that expands stylistic boundaries outwards
  • "Progressive" (song), a 2009 single by Kalafina
  • Progressive, a demo album by the band Haggard

    Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • Progressive chess, a chess variant
  • Progressive talk radio, a talk radio format devoted to expressing liberal or progressive viewpoints of issues
  • The Progressive, an American left-wing magazine

    Brands and enterprises

  • Progressive Corporation, a U.S. insurance company
  • Progressive Enterprises, a New Zealand retail cooperative


  • Progressive disease
  • Progressive lens, a type of corrective eyeglass lenses


  • Progressive Adventism, a sect of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Progressive Christianity, a movement within contemporary Protestantism
  • Progressive creationism, a form of Old Earth creationism
  • Progressive Islam, a modern liberal interpretation of Islam
  • Progressive Judaism, a major denomination within Judaism
  • Progressive religion, a religious tradition which embraces theological diversity
  • Progressive revelation (Bahá'í), a core teaching of Bahá'í that suggests that religious truth is revealed by God progressively and cyclically over time
  • Progressive revelation (Christianity), the concept that the sections of the Bible written later contain a fuller revelation of God


  • Progressive disclosure, a technique used in human computer interaction
  • Progressive scan, a form of video transmission
  • Progressive shifting, a technique for changing gears in trucks
  • Progressive stamping, a metalworking technique

    Verb forms

  • Progressive aspect (also called continuous), a verb form that expresses incomplete action
  • Past progressive
  • Perfect progressive aspects, see Uses of English verb forms and English verbs

    Other uses

  • Progressive education, which emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning
  • Progressive Field (originally Jacobs Field), home of the Cleveland Indians
  • Progressive function, a function in mathematics