Primer may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Primer (film), a 2004 feature film written and directed by Shane Carruth
  • Primer (video), a documentary about the funk band Living Colour


  • Primer (textbook), a textbook used in primary education to teach the alphabet and other basic subjects
  • Primer (prayer book), a common name for English prayer books used from the 13th to 16th centuries
  • The New England Primer (1688), a Puritan book from Colonial America with morality-themed rhymes


  • Primer (album), a 1995 music album by the musical group Rockapella
  • Primer 55, an American alternative metal band
  • "The Primer", a song from the 2005 album Alaska by Between the Buried and Me


  • Primer (firearms), a firearm powder charge ignition mechanism
  • Centerfire ammunition, Boxer or Berdan primers used in modern centerfire cartridges
  • Detonator, a small explosive device also known as an explosive primer or blasting cap
  • Friction primer, an ignition device for muzzle-loading cannon
  • Percussion cap, a gunpowder ignition device for 19th century muzzle-loading firearms and modern replicas


  • Primer (cosmetics), a cream or lotion applied before another to improve coverage and persistence
  • Primer (paint), a coating applied to a surface to prepare it for paint or another coating or adhesive


  • Great primer, a font size of 18 points
  • Long primer, a font size between bourgeois and small pica
  • Primer (typeface)


  • Sylvester Primer (1842–1912), American linguist and philologist
  • John Primer (born 1945), American Chicago singer and guitarist


  • Primer (app), free mobile application by Google
  • Primer-E Primer, software for statistical analysis of ecological data

    Other uses

  • Primer (gasoline engine), a device on some petrol engines used to prime the engine with gasoline before starting it
  • Primer (molecular biology), a nucleic acid strand (or related molecule) that serves as a starting point for replication
  • Money-creation primer
  • Trap primer, a plumbing device or valve that adds water to traps