Più bella cosa

"Più bella cosa" (; meaning "Fairer Thing") is an Italian language song written by singer Eros Ramazzotti, with Claudio Guidetti, Maurizio Fabrizio, Adelio Cogliati and performed by Ramazzotti in February 1996, as a first single and pre-release from his album Dove c'è musica ("Where There's Music") that came out on May 13 of that year.

The song is dedicated to the Swiss model Michelle Hunziker, Ramazotti's girlfriend at the time. The two had a daughter born just a few months later on December 5, 1996, whom they named Aurora Sophie. Ramazotti would go on releasing his song "L'aurora", dedicated to his newborn, in February 1997. He later married Hunziker in 1998, but the two divorced in 2002.


He performed the song publicly during Festivalbar in summer of 1996. The song won the "Best Song" award, with the album being awarded "Best Album" award. The song also won the MTV Europe Gold Awards in 1997.

Music video

The music video was directed by Nigel Dick for Squeak Pictures, featuring Hunziker herself. In the video, Ramazzotti plays the role of a car mechanic as she brings in her car for repair to his shop.

"La cosa más bella"

As is traditional with many other successful releases of Ramazzotti's, he released a Spanish language parallel song for Spain, Latin America and United States Latin markets titled "La cosa más bella". That version appears in the parallel Spanish-language version to the album Dove c'è musica retitled Donde hay música. It peaked at number two on the Hot Latin Songs chart, behind "Por Amarte" by Enrique Iglesias and number one on the Latin Pop Songs chart in the United States.Category:1996 songs Category:Eros Ramazzotti songs Category:Italian-language songs Category:Songs written by Eros Ramazzotti Category:Songs written by Claudio Guidetti Category:Music videos directed by Nigel Dick