Personal may refer to:

Aspects of persons' respective individualities

  • Privacy
  • Personality
  • Personal, personal advertisement, variety of classified advertisement used to find romance or friendship


  • Personal, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based tech startup
  • The Personal, a Canadian-based group car insurance and home insurance company
  • Telecom Personal, a mobile phone company in Argentina and Paraguay


  • Personal (album), the debut album by R&B group Men of Vizion
  • Personal, the first album from singer-songwriter Quique Gonz├ílez, and the title song
  • "Personal" (Aya Ueto song), a 2003 song from the album Message
  • "Personal", a song by The Vamps
  • "Personal", a song by HRVY


  • Personal (novel), a 2014 novel by Lee Child