Perfect Day

Perfect Day or A Perfect Day may refer to:

Film and television

  • Perfect Day (1929 film), a comedy short starring Laurel and Hardy
  • Perfect Day (2005 film), a British television film
  • A Perfect Day (2005 film), a Lebanese film
  • A Perfect Day (2006 film), a television Christmas film starring Rob Lowe
  • A Perfect Day (2015 film), a Spanish film
  • Perfect Day (Sapphire & Steel), an audio drama based on the television series Sapphire & Steel
  • Perfect Day, the sequel series to New Scandinavian Cooking


  • "Perfect Day" (2point4 children)
  • "Perfect Day" (Ben 10)
  • "A Perfect Day" (Cold Case)


    Perfect Day (company), a startup creating milk proteins using microflora



  • Perfect Day (Cascada album), 2007
  • Perfect Day (Chris Whitley album), 2000
  • Perfect Day (Lou Reed album), 1997
  • A Perfect Day (album), by Stefanie Sun, 2005
  • A Perfect Day (EP), a split EP by Lee Ranaldo and Something to Burn, 1992


  • "Perfect Day" (Cascada song), 2008
  • "Perfect Day" (EMF song), 1995
  • "Perfect Day" (Jim Jones song), 2011
  • "Perfect Day" (Lou Reed song), 1972; covered by many artists
  • "A Perfect Day" (song), written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond, published 1910; recorded by many artists
  • "Perfect Day", by Collective Soul from Blender, 2000
  • "Perfect Day", by Hoku Ho, 2001
  • "Perfect Day", by Kelis from Wanderland, 2001
  • "Perfect Day", by Miriam Stockley featured in The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends
  • "Perfect Day", by Roxette from Joyride, 1991
  • "Perfect Day", by Skin
  • "Perfect Day", by the Suicide Machines from The Suicide Machines, 2000
  • "The Perfect Day", by Fischer-Z from Reveal