Pars may refer to:

  • Fars Province of Iran, also known as Pars Province
  • Pars (Sasanian province), a province roughly corresponding to the present-day Fars, 224–651
  • Pars, for Persia or Iran, in the Persian language
  • Pars News Agency, former name of Iranian news agency
  • Pars-e Jonubi (disambiguation), villages in Iran
  • FNSS Pars, a Turkish wheeled armoured vehicle
  • Pars (surname)
  • William Pars
  • Pars interarticularis, in spinal anatomy
  • The Pars, nickname for Dunfermline Athletic Football Club

    PARS may refer to:

  • Point-a-rally scoring in the game of squash
  • Pakistan Amateur Radio Society
  • Programmed Airline Reservations System
  • Russian Mission Airport. Alaska, US, ICAO location indicator
  • Pre-arrival Review System for import into Canada
  • PARS 3 LR, a German anti-tank missile