Parlovr (pronounced either "parlour" or "parlover") is a Canadian indie rock band. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Alex Cooper, vocalist and guitarist Louis David Jackson and drummer Jeremy McCuish.


Parlovr released its self-titled debut album independently in 2008 before signing to Dine Alone Records, which rereleased it in 2010 concurrently with the EP Hell/Heaven/Big/Love. They toured both in Canada and in the US in support of the album, and then took some time off.

Parlovr followed up with its second album, Kook Soul, in 2012. Kook Soul, with its dance-friendly beat and soulful lyrics, was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize on June 14, 2012.



  • Parlovr (2008)
  • Hell/Heaven/Big/Love (2010)
  • Kook Soul (2012)