Parler family

Parler ( Parléř ) was a surname of a family of German architects and sculptors from the 14th century. Founder of the dynasty, Heinrich Parler, came from Cologne, but later lived and worked in Gmünd. His descendants were working in various parts of central Europe, especially in Bohemia. The family name was derived from the word Parlier, meaning "foreman".

Notable members of the family include:
  • Heinrich Parler (c. 1300 – c. 1370), also known as Heinrich of Gmünd, founder of the dynasty
  • Johannes von Gmünd (John Parler the older) (1330-po 1359), oldest son of Heinrich Parler, father of Heinrich IV. Parler
  • Michael Parler, son of Heinrich Parler, brother of Peter
  • Peter Parler (1332–1399) ( Petr Parléř ), son of Heinrich, brother of Michael
  • Wenzel Parler ( Václav Parléř ), son of Peter
  • Johann Parler ( Jan Parléř ), son of Peter, brother of Wenzel
  • Heinrich IV. Parler (Henricus Parlerius, Heinrich Parler the younger), sculptor, founder of the International Gothic style in Prague and Moravia (1373-1390)


    Asteroid 6550 Parléř, discovered in 1988 by Antonín Mrkos, was named in honour of Peter Parler.