Over may refer to:


  • Over, Cambridgeshire, England
  • Over, Cheshire, England
  • Over, Gloucestershire, near Gloucester, England
  • Over Bridge
  • Over, South Gloucestershire, England
  • Over, Seevetal, Germany



  • Over (album), by Peter Hammill, 1977
  • Over (EP), by Jarboe and Telecognac, 2000


  • "Over" (Blake Shelton song)
  • "Over" (Drake song)
  • "Over" (Evans Blue song)
  • "Over" (Fayray song)
  • "OVER" (Hey! Say! JUMP song)
  • "Over" (High and Mighty Color song)
  • "Over" (Lindsay Lohan song)
  • "Over" (Portishead song)
  • "Over", by A Perfect Circle from Mer de Noms
  • "Over", by Embrace from If You've Never Been
  • "Over", by Jimmy Eat World from Stay on My Side Tonight
  • "Over", by X-Wife from Side Effects
  • "Over", by Zarif from Box of Secrets

    Other uses

  • Over, a term in radio radiotelephony procedure
  • Over, a professional wrestling term
  • Over (cricket), a division of play in the sport of cricket
  • Over (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo), a fictional character in the anime/manga Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  • "Over" (Breaking Bad), an episode from season two of Breaking Bad