Out of the Body

Out of the Body is a 1988 Australian supernatural thriller film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Plot summary

In Sydney, Australia, there's a killer on the loose, removing the eyes of his female victims. The only hope of catching him lies in an astral traveller named David Gaze, who is the prime suspect.


  • Mark Hembrow as David Gaze
  • Tessa Humphries as Neva St. Clair
  • Margaret Trenchard-Smith (as Margi Gerard) as Maggi Jarrott
  • Tim Campbell as Security Guard
  • Linda Newton as Carla Duprey
  • John Clayton as Sergeant Whittaker
  • Helen O'Connor as Barbara Sloan
  • John Ley as Senior Detective Delgarno


    The film was one of four pictures made around the same time by executive Tom Broadbridge. The others were Kadaicha, The 13th Floor and Vicious.