Out of Control

Out of Control may refer to:


  • Out of Control (Kevin Kelly book), a 1994 book about technology and economics
  • Out of Control (Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys), a 1997 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys novel
  • Out of Control, a 2004 true-crime book by Steven Long about the murder of David Lynn Harris


  • Out of Control (1985 film), a film with Sherilyn Fenn
  • Out of Control (2002 film), a BBC single drama starring Tamzin Outhwaite
  • Out of Control (2003 film), an Indian Hindi film
  • Out of Control (2017 film), a German-Chinese thriller film
  • Out of Control (1992 film), a film featuring Lesley-Anne Down
  • Out of Control (1992 short film), a Disney live-action short
  • Out of Control (1998 film), a film starring Tom Conti and Sean Young
  • Out of Control (2009 film), a Canadian TV film featuring Laura Vandervoort


  • Out of Control (TV series), a 1984 Nickelodeon comedy television series
  • Out of Control (TV program), a Filipino docu-reality show
  • "Out of Control" (Law & Order)
  • "Out of Control" (Mayday)
  • "Out of Control" (That's So Raven)



  • Out of Control (Anti-Nowhere League album), 2000
  • Out of Control (Peter Criss album), 1980
  • Out of Control (The Crossfires album), 1963
  • Out of Control (Girls Aloud album), 2008
  • Out of Control (Ted Nugent album), 1993
  • Out of Control: Live from the O2 2009, 2009


  • "Out of Control" (The Chemical Brothers song), 1999
  • "Out of Control" (Hoobastank song), 2003
  • "Out of Control" (George Jones song), 1960
  • "Out of Control" (Kids in the Kitchen song), 1986
  • "Out of Control" (Tuesday Knight song), 1987
  • "Out of Control" (Nothing's Carved in Stone song), 2013
  • "Out of Control" (Rolling Stones song), 1997
  • "Out of Control (Back for More)", by Darude, 2001
  • "Out of Control", by the Eagles from Desperado
  • "Out of Control", by Praga Khan
  • "Out of Control", by Squeeze from Squeeze
  • "Out of Control", by U2 from Boy
  • "Out of Control (State of Emotion)", by Keena from Make Sure They See My Face