Orso is the Italian word meaning "bear", and is a common given name and surname in Italy.

Orso may refer to:


  • Anna Orso (1938–2012), Italian actress
  • Michel Orso (born 1936), French singer-songwriter
  • Mike D'Orso (born 1953), American journalist
  • Orso of Benevento (died 892), Prince of Benevento
  • Orso Ipato, Doge of Venice, 726–737
  • Orso I Participazio (died 881), Doge of Venice
  • Orso II Participazio (died 932), Doge of Venice, 912–932
  • Orso Maria Guerrini (born 1943), Italian actor
  • Orso Mario Corbino (1876–1937), Italian physicist and politician


  • Örsö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden
  • Orso (band), a US-based band
  • Sant'Orso, a collegiate church in Aosta, Italy