Orion () may refer to:

Common meanings

  • Orion (constellation), named after the mythical hunter
  • Orion (mythology), a hunter in Greek mythology
  • Orion (spacecraft), NASA's planned crew vehicle

    Arts and media

    Fictional entities

    Characters and species

  • Orion (comics), a DC Comics character
  • Orion (Star Trek), a sentient alien species
  • Orion, code name of Stephen J. Bartowski on the television show Chuck
  • Orion, a character in the fighting game Brawlhalla
  • Orion Fowl, a character in the novel Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
  • Orions, a race in the Starfire board game and book series
  • Orion, a character from Power Rangers Super Megaforce


  • Orion, a spaceplane in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Orion, a spaceship in Raumpatrouille Orion (Space Patrol Orion in English), the first German science fiction television series
  • "Orion"-class spaceship, on the television series Ascension


  • Orion, an 1843 poem by Richard Henry Horne
  • Orion, a 1978 novel by Gail Brewer-Giorgio
  • Orion and King Arthur, a 2012 novel series by Ben Bova
  • The Orion, an 1893 book on sociology by Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Dead at Daybreak, a 1998 novel by Deon Meyer, originally published as Orion


    Albums and long compositions

  • Orion (Ryan Adams album)
  • Orion (X Ambassadors album)
  • Orion (Lacoste), an opera by the French composer Louis Lacoste
  • Orion, a 2004 Philip Glass composition
  • Orion, an album by the band she
  • Orion (1979), a symphonic piece by Claude Vivier
  • Orion & Pleiades (1984), a symphonic work by Toru Takemitsu


  • "Orion" (Girl Next Door song)
  • "Orion" (Mika Nakashima song)
  • "Orion", a song by 12012
  • "Orion", a song in the boxed set Dead Can Dance (1981–1998) by Dead Can Dance
  • "Orion", a song on the album Stormwatch by Jethro Tull
  • "Orion", an instrumental piece on the Metallica album Master of Puppets
  • "Orion", a 2017 non-album single by Kenshi Yonezu

    Other uses in music

  • Orion Records (1960s–'80s), a classical record label
  • Jimmy "Orion" Ellis, American singer


  • Orion (manga), by Masamune Shirow
  • Orion (magazine), a magazine on nature, environment and culture
  • ORiON, the journal of the Operations Research Society of South Africa
  • Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion, a manga by Yoshihiro Takahashi
  • The Orion (California State University, Chico), a student newspaper

    Other uses in arts and media

  • Orion (film), a Canadian film
  • Orion (sculpture), work by Mark di Suvero
  • Miss Riboet's Orion (1925–42), a theatrical troupe active in the Dutch East Indies


  • The Orion (skyscraper) in New York City
  • Orion Assembly, a General Motors assembly plant in Orion Township, Michigan
  • Orion Building, a residential building in Birmingham, England
  • Orion, the movie theater of Finland's National Audiovisual Archive
  • Orion Theatre, largest avant-garde theatrical/artist stage in Stockholm, Sweden


    Arts and media

  • Orion Pictures, an American film production company
  • Orion Publishing Group, a UK-based book publisher
  • Orion Records (1960s–'80s), a classical record label

    Electrical power and electronics

  • Orion Electric, a Japanese electronics company
  • Orion Electronics, a Hungarian company
  • Orion Energy Systems, an American power technology company
  • Orion New Zealand Limited, a New Zealand electricity distribution company

    Food and beverage

  • Orion Breweries, the fifth-largest beer brewery in Japan
  • Orion Confectionery, a South Korean confectionery company

    Transportation and vehicles

  • Orion Airways, a UK airline that operated from 1979 to 1989
  • Orion Bus Industries, a Canadian bus manufacturer
  • Orion Expedition Cruises, an Australian cruise line
  • Orionair, a Spanish charter airline
  • Orionair, name used by Luxembourg airline Lionair when operating flights to the United States
  • Orionette, also known as Orion AG für Motorfahrzeuge, a German motorcycle manufacturer

    Other companies

  • Orion Telescopes & Binoculars, an American company
  • Orion Corporation, a Finnish pharmaceutical company


  • Orion (name)
  • Orion, industry name of record producer Darren Tate (born 1972)
  • Orion, stage name of Tomasz Wróblewski (born 1980), Polish musician
  • Jimmy "Orion" Ellis (1945–1998), American rockabilly singer


    United States

  • Orion, Alabama, an unincorporated community
  • Orion, California, a former settlement
  • Orion, Illinois, a village
  • Orion Township, Fulton County, Illinois
  • Orion High School, in Orion, Illinois
  • Orion, Wisconsin, a town
  • Orion (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
  • Orion Township, Michigan
  • Orion Township, Minnesota


  • Orion, Alberta, Canada, a hamlet
  • Orion, Bataan, the Philippines, a municipality
  • Orion, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France, a commune
  • Orion, Queensland, Australia, a village in the Central Highlands Region
  • Orion Passage, a narrow sailing route on the northwestern tip of Antarctica

    Science and technology


  • Orion (constellation), named after the mythical hunter
  • Orion Arm, a galactic spiral arm with apparent location near the constellation
  • Orion Nebula, in the constellation


  • Orion (genus), a genus of beetles
  • Orion (grape), a white wine grape variety
  • Historis odius, the Orion, a butterfly in the genus Historis


  • ORION (research and education network), the provincial research network of Ontario, Canada
  • Orion (system-on-a-chip), used in network-attached storage
  • Ferranti Orion, a mid-range mainframe computer introduced in 1959
  • HLH Orion, a series of minicomputers produced in the 1980s
  • Orion Application Server, a Java EE application server
  • Orion quantum computing system, developed by D-Wave Systems
  • Orion, a browser-based IDE and open tool integration platform from Eclipse

    Other technologies

  • Orion (laser), a large laser installation in the UK
  • Orion (space telescope), two research instruments on manned 1970s Soviet spacecraft


    Football (soccer)

  • A.D. Orión, a Panamanian football club
  • Orión F.C., a Costa Rican football club
  • Orion F.C., a Scottish football club

    Other sports

  • Goyang Orion Orions, a South Korean basketball team
  • Orions, former name of the Chiba Lotte Marines, a Japanese baseball team



  • Lockheed P-3 Orion, a maritime patrol aircraft, with several variants
  • Lockheed Model 9 Orion, a passenger aircraft introduced in 1931
  • Aurora Flight Sciences Orion, a long-endurance unmanned aircraft
  • Bristol Orion, a cancelled two-shaft turboprop aero engine developed by Bristol Siddeley
  • Orion (Russian UCAV)


  • Ford Orion, a car
  • Orion, a South Devon Railway Comet-class steam locomotive
  • Orion, a GWR 3300-class steam locomotive
  • Mitsubishi Orion engine, a series of internal combustion engines produced by Mitsubishi Motors


    Military vessels

  • , several U.S. Navy vessels
  • , several Royal Navy vessels
  • , a series of super-dreadnoughts of the Royal Navy
  • , an Oberon-class of the Royal Australian Navy
  • , a Swedish ELINT vessel
  • , a Téméraire-class of the French Navy
  • , World War II merchant raider
  • BAE Orion (H-101), Ecuadorian Navy ship, originally
  • NRP Oríon (P1156), a Portuguese Navy

    Other vessels

  • , a ship which sank off Portpatrick, Scotland in 1850
  • , a cruise ship
  • , an ocean liner of the Orient Steam Navigation Company
  • , a Swedish steel steamship decommissioned in 1979, now a museum ship
  • Orion 50, an American sailboat design
  • Orion (ship, 1904), built as a whale-catcher, she later served as a fireboat in Vancouver



  • Orion (rocket), a US sounding rocket
  • Orión (rocket), an Argentine sounding rocket
  • Orion (rocket stage), a series of rocket motors used in the Pegasus rockets
  • Project Orion (nuclear propulsion), a 1958 US nuclear pulse propulsion study project

    Space vehicles

  • Orion (spacecraft), NASA's planned crew vehicle
  • Orion (space telescope), two instruments flown aboard Soviet spacecraft
  • Orion, the Lunar Module used in the Apollo 16 mission
  • Orion (satellite), a series of reconnaissance satellites
  • A series of satellites operated by Orion Network Systems, now part of Telesat
  • Orion 3, an off-course communication satellite (1999)

    Other uses

  • Orion (dog), a rescue dog
  • Orion (roller coaster), a future steel roller coaster at Kings Island, in Ohio, U.S.
  • Orion, the flagship wine of American winemaker Sean Thackrey
  • Our Race is Our Nation, a slogan used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists