Open book

Open book may refer to:

Books and publishing

  • An Open Book (poems), a collection by Orson Scott Card
  • Open access books
  • PEN/Open Book, a program fostering diversity in publishing
  • An Open Book, an autobiography by Monica Dickens
  • An Open Book, an autobiography by John Huston
  • An Open Book, a memoir by Ruth Gordon

    Computing and networking

  • Openbook (website), a Facebook-specific search engine
  • OPeNBooK Co., Ltd., a video game developer
  • Networked book, a book designed to be written, edited, and read in a networked environment
  • VIA OpenBook, a laptop reference design
  • Openbook, an online navigational envelope developed by National Academies Press
  • OpenBook, a Freedom Scientific document scanning and reading application for low-vision users.
  • OPEN BOOK, a Unicode symbol

    TV and radio

  • "Open Book" (Steven Universe), an episode of Steven Universe
  • "An Open Book," a Six Feet Under episode
  • Open Book (radio), a BBC Radio 4 programme about books


  • Open Book (Da' T.R.U.T.H. album)
  • Open Book (Fatherson album)
  • Open Book, an album by Evelyn King
  • Open Book, an album by The Lemon Trees
  • Songs from an Open Book, an album by Justin Furstenfeld
  • Open Book Winter Album, a live album by Justin Furstenfeld


  • "Open Book," a song by Cake on the album Fashion Nugget
  • "Open Book," a song by Gnarls Barkley on the album The Odd Couple
  • "Open Book," a song by Ed Harcourt on the album Strangers
  • "Open Book," a song by The Rakes on the album Capture/Release; appears in Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party
  • "Open Book," a song by Cock Robin on the album Collection Gold
  • "Open Book," a song by Sacred Reich on the album Independent

    Other uses

  • Open Book (Tahquitz), a technical rock climbing route at Tahquitz Peak, California
  • Open-book accounting
  • Open-book contract
  • Open book decomposition
  • Open-book management
  • Open Book, a center for literary and visual arts co-founded by the Minnesota Center for Book Arts
  • Open Book, a blog by Amy Welborn
  • Open book, a climbing term
  • Open book fracture, a type of pelvic fracture