One shot

One shot may refer to:


  • One-shot learning, a machine learning classification problem
  • Monostable, a type of electronic circuit
  • One-shot timer, also called a programmable interval timer


  • Marvel One-Shots, short films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • One-shot (comics), a single-issue comic book which is not published as a part of a series or mini-series
  • One Shot (novel), a 2005 novel written by Lee Child featuring Jack Reacher

    Film and TV

  • One shot (film), a feature film shot in one long take with no edits, or manufactured to look like so
  • Jack Reacher (film) (previously titled One Shot), a 2012 American thriller film adapted from Child's novel
  • One Shot (2005 film), a Sri Lankan action film directed by Ranjan Ramanayake


  • One shot (music video), a music video shot in one long take with no edits


  • One Shot (EP), an EP from the South Korean rap group B.A.P or a single from that album


  • "One Shot" (Mabel song)
  • "One Shot" (Tin Machine song)
  • "One Shot" (JLS song)
  • "One Shot", a song by the Newsboys from the album Born Again
  • "One Shot", a song by Mario Vazquez from his self-titled debut album
  • "One Shot", a song by Danity Kane from their self-titled debut album
  • "One Shot", a song by The Saturdays from the album Wordshaker
  • "One Shot", a song by Hunter Hayes

    Video games

  • OneShot (video game), a 2016 metafictional adventure game published by Degica