One of the Best (film)

One of the Best is a 1927 British silent historical drama film directed by T. Hayes Hunter and starring Carlyle Blackwell, Walter Byron and Eve Gray. It was based on a play by Seymour Hicks. Film historian Rachael Low described it as an "unsophisticated costume drama". The 'drumming out' scene of Lieutenant Keppel was filmed at Hounslow Barracks using the officers and men of the Royal Fusiliers wearing 1820s uniforms.


  • Carlyle Blackwell - Philip Ellsworth
  • Walter Byron - Lieutenant Dudley Keppel
  • Eve Gray - Mary Penrose
  • Randle Ayrton - General Gregg
  • James Carew - Colonel Gentry
  • Julie Suedo - Claire Melville
  • James Lindsay - Maurice de Gruchy
  • Pauline Johnson - Esther
  • Elsa Lanchester - Kitty
  • Charles Emerald - Private Jupp
  • Cecil Barry - Lieutenant Wynne
  • Simeon Stuart - Squire Penrose
  • Harold Huth - Adjutant