On, on, or ON may refer to:

Arts and entertainment


  • On (band), a solo project of Ken Andrews
  • On (EP), a 1993 EP by Aphex Twin
  • On (Echobelly album), 1995
  • On (Gary Glitter album), 2001
  • On (Imperial Teen album), 2002
  • On (Elisa album), 2006
  • On (Jean album), 2006
  • On (Boom Boom Satellites album), 2006
  • On (Tau album), 2017
  • "On" (song), a 2020 song by BTS. Also a version featuring Sia
  • "On", a song by Bloc Party from the 2006 album A Weekend in the City

    Other media

  • Ön, a 1966 Swedish film
  • On (Japanese prosody), the counting of sound units in Japanese poetry
  • On (novel), by Adam Roberts
  • ONdigital, a failed British digital television service, later called ITV Digital
  • Overmyer Network, a former US television network


  • On (Ancient Egypt), a Hebrew form of the ancient Egyptian name of Heliopolis
  • On, Belgium, a section of the Belgian municipality of Marche-en-Famenne
  • On, the Luxembourgish name of the village Ahn.
  • Ontario, a Canadian province

    Science, technology, and mathematics

    Biology and medicine

  • Operative note, documentation of care relating to an operation
  • Optic neuritis, especially relevant in multiple sclerosis
  • Osteonecrosis, death of bone tissue
  • Osteonectin, a glycoprotein

    Other uses in science, technology, and mathematics

  • ON Semiconductor, a semiconductor manufacturing company
  • O'Nan group, a mathematical group
  • OS/Net, the OpenSolaris Community

    Other uses

  • On (biblical figure), son of Peleth
  • On Kawara, Japanese artist
  • Nauru Airlines (IATA airline designator ON)
  • Leg side, in the game of cricket
  • Old Norse, a North Germanic language commonly referenced in etymology
  • Ontology, a branch of philosophy that deals with the concept of being
  • On'yomi, reading of Japanese kanji characters
  • Order of the Nation, a Jamaican honour
  • Overground Network, a railway scheme in South London
  • ON convoys, a series of WWII trade convoys