Omnibus may refer to:

Film and television

  • Omnibus (film)
  • Omnibus (broadcast), a compilation of TV episodes
  • Omnibus (UK TV series), an arts-based documentary programme
  • Omnibus (U.S. TV series), an educational program
  • Omnibus (talk show), an Italian series


  • Omnibus edition, a collection of literary works
  • Omnibus Press, a book publisher
  • Omnibus, a Marvel Comics character associated with the Leader



  • Omnibus (album), a 2006 album by Tarkio
  • Omnibus, a 2008 album by Blue Mountain
  • Omnibus, a 2001 album by Ruby Braff
  • Omnibus: The 60s Singles As and Bs, a 1999 album by The Move


  • "Omnibus", a song by the Move on the B-side of "Wild Tiger Woman"
  • "Omnibus", a song by XTC from Nonsuch


  • Horse-drawn omnibus or horsebus; a coach; a large, enclosed and sprung horse-drawn vehicle used for passenger transport
  • Motor omnibus or autobus; a bus or motorcoach; a road vehicle designed to carry passengers

    Other uses

  • Omnibus (painting), an 1892 painting by Anders Zorn
  • Omnibus (survey), a research method used in interviewing
  • OmniBus (video game), a 2016 video game
  • Omnibus Promotion, a sound effects company
  • Omnibus, a system bus on some varieties of PDP-8 computers