Oficina G3

Oficina G3 is a Christian metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. Lead vocalist and guitarist Juninho Afram formed the band along with drummer Walter Lopes and bassist Wagner García in 1987. Through their history they have changed their musical style very drastically. Initially they were a heavy metal / hard rock band with influences from Petra and Stryper, then they changed to a more pop rock and metal oriented genre, and recently changing to a more progressive metal driven musical style.

The band is regarded in Brazil as one of the pioneers of Christian rock in that country, and one of the bands which most contributed to the progress of that musical genre. The band has met considerable success, being nominated to Latin Grammy Awards three times recently, in 2005 and in 2007, and winning the 2009 Best Brazilian Christian Album "Depois Da Guerra".

Band members

; Current
  • Mauro Henrique — lead vocals
  • Juninho Afram — guitar, vocals
  • Jean Carllos — keyboards
  • Duca Tambasco — bass

    ; Former
  • Manga — lead vocals
  • P.G. — lead vocals
  • Walter Lopes — drums
  • Wagner Garcia — bass
  • Woody Carvalho — keyboard
  • Alexandre Aposan — drums
  • Tulio Regis - Lead vocals


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