Oceana may refer to:
  • Oceana (singer), a German singer
  • Oceana (album), an album by Derek Sherinian
  • Oceana (band), an American post-hardcore band
  • Oceana (nightclub), a chain of nightclubs in the United Kingdom
  • Oceana (non-profit group), an ocean conservation group
  • MV Oceana, a cruise ship
  • Oceana Publications, a U.S. law publisher
  • Oceàna (opera), by Antonio Smareglia
  • The Commonwealth of Oceana, a 1656 political tract by James Harington
  • Oceana, a musical project produced by Manny Lehman
  • 224 Oceana, an asteroid in the asteroid belt


  • Oceana, West Virginia
  • Oceana County, Michigan
  • Oceana, Virginia, neighborhood of Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Naval Air Station Oceana, a military airport located in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Oceana, a city in the episode "Deep Freeze" of Batman: The Animated Series