Nugget may refer to:


  • Nugget Falls (Oregon), an alternate name for Dillon Falls in Southern Oregon
  • Nugget Falls, a waterfall in Alaska
  • Nugget Point, New Zealand


  • H. C. Coombs (1906–1997), Australian economist and public servant, nicknamed Nugget
  • Steve Davis (born 1957), snooker player, nicknamed Nugget
  • Owen Hart (1965–1999), Canadian professional wrestler, derisively nicknamed Nugget


  • Bede BD-17 Nugget, a single-seat homebuilt monoplane
  • Laister LP-15 Nugget, a single-seat glider aircraft

    Arts, entertainment, and media

  • "Nugget", a song by Cake from the 1996 the album Fashion Nugget
  • North Bay Nugget, a daily newspaper in North Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Nugget Newspaper, a weekly newspaper in Sisters, Oregon
  • The Nome Nugget, a weekly newspaper in Nome, Alaska
  • The Nugget, a 2002 comedy film

    Foods and beverages

  • Nugget, a variety of hops
  • Chicken nugget, a lump of breaded or battered chicken


  • Carson Nugget, a hotel and casino in Carson City, Nevada
  • Nugget Casino Resort, a hotel and casino in Sparks, Nevada
  • Nugget Markets, an upscale California supermarket chain
  • Wendover Nugget, a hotel and casino in West Wendover, Nevada

    Other uses

  • Gold nugget, a piece of gold produced through mining and extraction
  • Nugget, a property of the variogram in statistics