Now most commonly refers to the present time.

Now, NOW, or The Now may also refer to:


  • National Organization for Women, an American feminist organization
  • The NOW! Organization, a Canadian non-profit sustainability organization
  • Now! (political party), a liberal political party in Poland
  • National Oversight and Whistleblowers (NOW), a Malaysian NGO to institute initiatives of oversight and whistleblower
  • NYSE ticker symbol for ServiceNow, a cloud computing company


  • Now TV (Sky plc), a telecommunications company serving the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, owned by Sky UK Limited
  • Now Business News Channel, a 24-hour finance news channel
  • Now (British TV channel), a British television channel that started broadcasting in 1990 and ceased the same year
  • Now TV (Hong Kong), a Hong Kong pay-TV service provider headquartered in Wan Chai North, Victoria City operated by PCCW Media Limited
  •, an online TV/broadband network, formerly Network of the World owned by PCCW
  • NOW News, a Beirut-based Lebanese news website focused on the Middle East published in English and Arabic
  • NOWTV, the previous on-air name of CHNU-DT in Surrey, British Columbia

    Film, episode, or TV series

  • No Opportunity Wasted, a Discovery Channel TV series hosted by Phil Keoghan
  • "Now" (The Walking Dead), an episode of the television series The Walking Dead
  • In Time, formerly titled Now, a 2011 American science fiction film
  • Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric, referred to as Now, a 1993–94 news program
  • Now on PBS, formerly NOW with Bill Moyers, a TV newsmagazine which aired from 2002 to 2010
  • Now with Alex Wagner, an MSNBC news program premiering in 2011
  • The Now, combination local news/national news program broadcast on E. W. Scripps Company television affiliates

    Printed media

  • Now (1940–1947), a political and literary periodical founded by George Woodcock
  • NOW! (1979–81 magazine), a short-lived UK news magazine
  • Now (newspaper) (1981–), a Canadian alternative newsweekly
  • The Now (newspaper) (1984–2017), a Canadian biweekly
  • NOW Comics, an American comics publisher, active 1985–2005
  • Now (1996–2019 magazine), a former British weekly entertainment magazine
  • TV Now (2000–), an Irish television magazine
  • Now (manhwa) (2001–2007), a Korean graphic novel weekly, 2001-7
  • Now (book), a 2017 book about radical leftist politics by anonymous author(s) The Invisible Committee


  • The Now, an English punk rock group
  • The Now, a name used by American rock band Tripsichord Music Box
  • NOW Nightmares on Wax, DJ and electronic music composer


  • Now (Anna Abreu album), 2008 album by Finnish singer Anna Abreu
  • Now (Astrud Gilberto album), 1972 album by Astrud Gilberto
  • Now (Bibi Zhou album), 2007 album by Chinese singer Bibi Zhou
  • Now (Black Uhuru album), 1990 album by Jamaican reggae band Black Uhuru
  • Now! (Bobby Hutcherson album), 1970 album by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson
  • Now (Cara Jones album), 2000 album by Cara Jones
  • Now (The Dubliners album), 1975 album by The Dubliners
  • Now (Eric Kloss album), 1978 album by saxophonist Eric Kloss
  • Now (Fireflight album), 2012 album released by Christian rock band Fireflight
  • Now! (France Joli album), 1982 album by singer France Joli
  • Now! (Other Dimensions In Music album), 1997 album by jazz quartet Other Dimensions In Music
  • Now (Girugamesh album), 2010 album by Girugämesh
  • Now (Jade Warrior album), 2008 album by British band Jade Warrior
  • Now (Jessica Andrews album), 2003 album by country music singer Jessica Andrews
  • Now (John Paul Young album), 1996 album by Australian pop singer John Paul Young
  • Now (Nearly 36), 2003 album by King Creosote
  • Now (Maxwell album), 2001 album by American R&B singer Maxwell
  • Now (Mucky Pup album), 1990 album by hardcore band Mucky Pup
  • Now (MYMP album), 2008 album by M.Y.M.P.
  • Now (The New Seekers album), 1973 album by British pop group The New Seekers
  • Now (Patrice Rushen album), 1984 album by American Patrice Rushen
  • Now (Peter Frampton album), 2003 album by Peter Frampton
  • Now (Paul Rodgers album), 1997 album by English rock musician Paul Rodger
  • Now (Shania Twain album), 2017 album by Canadian Shania Twain
  • Now! (Sonny Stitt album), 1963 album by jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt
  • Now (Ten Years After album), 2004 album by blues rock band Ten Years After
  • Now (Vigleik Storaas album), 2007 album by Vigleik Storaas Trio
  • Now (The Tubes album), 1977 album by The Tubes
  • Now, an album by Bhagavan Das
  • Now, 1972 album by George Baker
  • Now, 2001 album by Greg Long
  • Now, 1997 album by Kosmos Express
  • Now, 1973 album by Lou Sino
  • Now, 1955 album by Steve Roach
  • Now (EP), 1992 EP by Band of Susans


  • "Now" (Def Leppard song), from the album X
  • "Now" (Joywave song), from the album How Do You Feel Now?
  • "Now" (Paramore song), from the album Paramore
  • "Now" (Staind song), from the album Staind
  • "Now", by Avail from the album Front Porch Stories
  • "Now", by Brotherhood of Man from the album Love and Kisses from Brotherhood of Man
  • "Now", by Carpenters from the album Voice of the Heart
  • "Now", by Days of the New from the album Days of the New
  • "Now", by Edie Brickell from the album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
  • "Now", a single by Eyedea & Abilities
  • "Now", by Krokus from the album Change of Address
  • "Now", by Nomeansno from the album 0 + 2 = 1
  • "Now", by Prince from the album The Gold Experience
  • "Now", by Trouble Maker from the album Chemistry
  • "Now!", by Sandra from the album The Wheel of Time
  • "Now!", by Scorpions from the album Blackout
  • "Now", by Logic from the deluxe album version Under Pressure (album)

    Other uses

  • Google Now, a mobile personalized search application by Google
  • Negotiable order of withdrawal account, a type of bank account
  • Network of Workstations, a computer network
  • Northern Ohio and Western Railway, an Ohio railroad