Northern Lights

Northern Lights or Northern Light may refer to:
  • Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights


  • A Northern Light, a 2003 historical novel by Jennifer Donnelly
  • Northern Lights (novel), a 1995 novel by Philip Pullman
  • Northern Lights (O'Brien novel), a 1975 novel by Tim O'Brien
  • The Northern Lights, a 2002 biography of Kristian Birkeland by Lucy Jago
  • Northern Lights, a 2001 translation of Severni sij, a 1984 Slovene novel by Drago Jančar
  • The Northern Lights, a 1991 novel by Howard Norman
  • Northern Lights, a 2009 romance novel by Nora Roberts


  • Northern Lights (1978 film), a movie by John Hanson and Rob Nilsson
  • Northern Lights (1997 film), a movie starring Diane Keaton
  • Northern Light (film), a 2006 Dutch film
  • Northern Lights (2009 film), a made-for-television film based on the 2009 novel by Nora Roberts
  • Northern Lights: A Journey to Love, a 2017 Filipino drama film by Dondon S. Santos


  • Northern lights chord, a chord from Ernst Krenek's Cantata for Wartime


  • Northern Lights (bluegrass band), an American group
  • Northern Lights (Canadian band), a 1985 supergroup
  • Toronto Northern Lights, a Canadian men's chorus
  • Hootenanny Singers or the Northern Lights


  • Northern Lights (Zeds Dead album) (2016)
  • Northern Light (Ask Embla album) (2013)
  • Northern Light (Jon Christos album) (2005)
  • Northern Light (Covenant album) (2002)
  • Northern Lights (Gareth Emery album) (2010)
  • Northern Lights (Northern Lights album)
  • Northern Lights (Sissel album) (2007)
  • Northern Lights – Southern Cross, a 1975 album by the Band
  • Northern Lights, a 1996 EP by Klaus Waldeck
  • Northern Lights, a 1999 album by Miranda

  • Songs

  • "Northern Light" (song), a song by Basshunter
  • "Northern Lights" (song), a 1978 song by Renaissance from A Song for All Seasons
  • "Northern Lites", a 1997 song by Super Furry Animals from Guerrilla
  • "Northern Lights", a 2018 song by Death Cab for Cutie from Thank You for Today
  • "Northern Lights", a song by DZ Deathrays
  • "Northern Lights", a 2002 song by Goldenhorse from Riverhead
  • "Northern Lights", a song by Megumi Hayashibara
  • "Northern Lights", a 2011 song by St. Vincent from Strange Mercy
  • "Northern Lights", a song by Soft Cell
  • "Northern Lights", a 2013 song by Thirty Seconds to Mars from Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams
  • "Northern Lights", a 1994 song by Timo Tolkki from Classical Variations and Themes
  • "Northern Lights", a 1998 song by Varnaline


  • Northern Light (clipper), an American clipper ship in service 1851–1862
  • Northern Light (sternwheeler), a steamboat active on Puget Sound circa 1890
  • SS Northern Lights, an American cargo ship

    TV and radio

  • Northern Lights (TV series), a 2006 UK comedy-drama series
  • "Northern Lights" (Dawson's Creek episode) (2000)
  • Northern Lights (radio show), a Canadian radio music programme
  • Northern Lights, code name for The Machine on Person of Interest

    Other uses

  • Northern Lights (cannabis), a strain of cannabis
  • Northern Lights (online game), a 1992 online role-playing game
  • Northern Lights (pipeline), a natural gas pipeline system in Russia and Belarus
  • Northern Light (spacecraft), a proposed space mission of Canada to Mars
  • Northern Lights (train), a train in the United Kingdom that runs from London to Aberdeen
  • The Northern Lights (whiskey), a blended Canadian whisky
  • County of Northern Lights, a municipal district in northwestern Alberta, Canada
  • Operation Northern Lights, a 2006 U.S. military operation in Iraq
  • Northern Lights College, a college in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
  • Northern Light Group, an American knowledge management company
  • Northern Lights Shopping Center, a former power center-style strip mall in Economy, Pennsylvania
  • Northern Lights suplex, a move in professional wrestling
  • Northern Lights, a codename for the second model of the eMac