Noelle Stevenson

Noelle Stevenson is an American cartoonist and animation producer. She is known for the fantasy comic Nimona and the comics series Lumberjanes, and has won an Eisner Award for both of them. She is also the creator, showrunner and executive producer of the animated television series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Stevenson attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. During her junior year, she created her soon-to-be popular character Nimona as part of an assignment in one of her classes. In summer 2012, Stevenson began creating a webcomic around the character, and soon signed with a literary agent who found the webcomic online. Nimona's adventurous story would later double as Stevenson's senior thesis in 2012.


Comics and cartoons

While attending MICA, Stevenson gained fame as a fan artist, under the name "gingerhaze", for her "hipster Lord of the Rings" characters. She also created cover art for Rainbow Rowell's novel Fangirl. In the summer of 2012, Stevenson interned at BOOM! Studios, a comic publishing house in Los Angeles. After her graduation from MICA in 2013, Stevenson returned to BOOM! to help develop, and eventually write, Lumberjanes. Lumberjanes was recognized as Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens in the 2015 Eisner Awards.

Besides Lumberjanes, Stevenson also gained fame as the creator of Nimona, a webcomic about a supervillain's shape-shifting sidekick. In 2012, Soon after posting the first few installments of Nimona online, Stevenson signed with a literary agent, who helped Stevenson sign with HarperCollins to publish Nimona as a graphic novel. For her work on Nimona, Stevenson won Slate Magazine's 2012 Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Web Comic of the Year, and the 2016 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album: Reprint. Stevenson was also named a 2015 National Book Award Finalist for the graphic novel version of Nimona.

Since 2015, she worked as a writer for Marvel Comics on the comics Thor Annual and Runaways.


Stevenson is part of the writing team of Disney's animated TV series Wander Over Yonder, beginning with Season 2 in 2015.

Since December 2017, Stevenson is executive producer of DreamWorks Animation Television's rebooted She-Ra and the Princesses of Power animated television series on Netflix, the first season of which was released on 13 November 2018.

Other work

Stevenson did freelance illustration for Random House, St. Martin's Press, and Label Magazine. She also worked with Ryan North on his Kickstarter-funded book To Be or Not to Be, a choose-your-own-adventure-book based on Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Her autobiographical collection of drawings and journals, The Fire Never Goes Out, was published in March 2020. The New Yorker's review described it as "a memoir of sorts (...), a coming-out story, a love story, a tale of disorientingly rapid professional triumph, and a story about mental health and illness, showing the young artist figuring out what she must do—first to make art and then to get well."

Personal life

Stevenson married fellow cartoonist Molly Ostertag in September 2019.


Graphic novels

  • Nimona (w/a, HarperCollins, 2015)

    BOOM! Studios

  • "The Sweater Bandit" (w/a, in Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake #1, January 2013, collected in Volume 1: Mathemagical Edition, tpb, 160 pages, 2013)
  • "Desert Treasure" (w/a, in Adventure Time 2013 Summer Special, July 2013)
  • Lumberjanes #1–17 (April 2014–August 2015)
  • Volume 1: Beware the Kitten Holy (collects #1–4, w, with Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen, tpb, 128 pages, 2015)
  • Volume 2: Friendship to the Max (collects #5–8, w, with Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen, tpb, 112 pages, 2015)
  • Volume 3: A Terrible Plan (collects #9–12, w, with Shannon Watters and Carolyn Nowak, tpb, 112 pages, 2016)
  • Sleepy Hollow 4 #1–4 (4-issue limited series, backup stories, November 2014–January 2015)
  • Sleepy Hollow: Volume 1 (tpb, 112 pages, 2015) collects:
  • "Movie Night" (w/a, in #1, 2014)
  • "At the Fair" (w/a, in #2, 4, 2014)
  • "Shopping" (w/a, in #3, 2015)

    Marvel Comics

  • Runaways vol. 4 #1–4 (4-issue limited series, August–November 2015)
  • Battleworld (tpb, 120 pages, 2015) collects:
  • "Doomed Youth" (w, with Sanford Greene, in #1–4, 2015)
  • "Thor" (w, with Marguerite Sauvage, in Thor Annual #1, April 2015, collected in Volume 2: Who Holds the Hammer?, hc, 136 pages, 2015)

    DC Comics

  • "Wonder World" (a, with James Tynion IV, in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #23–24, February 2015, collected in Volume 2, tpb, 144 pages, 2015)

    Awards and nominations