No Surrender

No Surrender may refer to:


  • "No Surrender!", a British Unionist slogan originating from Siege of Derry now used in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England


  • No Surrender, 1911 novel by suffragette Constance Maud
  • No Surrender: My Thirty-Year War, an autobiography by World War II Japanese holdout Hiroo Onoda

    Film and TV

  • No Surrender, a 2002 short film by Richard James Allen
  • No Surrender (film), a 1985 comedy starring Michael Angelis
  • TNA No Surrender, a professional wrestling pay-per-view event
  • "No Surrender, No Retreat" (Babylon 5), a 1997 episode of Babylon 5


  • No Surrender (gang), a gang in the Netherlands, founded 2013


  • No Surrender, No Retreat (album), a 1998 album by Bushwick Bill


  • "No Surrender", an Ulster pipe tune AKA "The Crimson Banner"
  • "No Surrender", a 1943 song composed by Eisler for Hangmen Also Die!
  • "No Surrender" (song), a 1984 song by Bruce Springsteen