Nneka Isaac Moses

Nneka Isaac Moses is a Nigerian actress, presenter, fashion designer and the director of the African cultural show, Goge Africa.

Early life

Nneka attended the University of Lagos from 1987 to 1990 where she obtained a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature. She founded Akenn. G Limited, a fashion House in Surulere, Lagos where she provided costumes for movies, TV commercials and also special occasions.

Goge Africa

Nneka co-founded Goge Africa in 1999, alongside her husband Isaac, three years after their marriage. The program was first aired on October 1, to coincide with Nigeria's independence day. It is viewed by over 40 million people syndicated in 15 channels. The Goge Africa team have been to over 32 countries in Africa.

Personal life

Nneka married Isaac in 1996. In an interview she gave with she described the first time they met saying she actually slapped him when he attempted to kiss her during screenplay. He later came begging asking to go on a date with her to apologize and they got along from then. She gave birth to her son Kamamra 13 years after marriage. She won the Young Ambassador for Peace award in 2011.