Never may refer to:


  • "Never" (Heart song), by rock band Heart from the 1985 album Heart
  • "Never" (Jaheim song), 2008 single by Jaheim from the album The Making of a Man
  • "Never" (Keyshia Cole song), by Keyshia Cole from the 2005 album The Way It Is
  • "Never" (Kristine W song), by Kristine W from the 2008 album The Power of Music
  • "Never" (Moving Pictures song), by Moving Pictures from the soundtrack for the films Footloose and Hot Rod; also a Japanese-language version of the song by MIE from the 1984 album Never
  • "Never" (Ozzy Osbourne song), by Ozzy Osbourne from the 1986 album The Ultimate Sin
  • "Never" (Past Tense),a song by the Roc Project and Tina Arena from the 2003 album Vous êtes toujours là
  • "Never" (Produce 101 song), song by the contestants of Produce 101 Season 2
  • "Never", by Electrafixion from the 1995 album Burned
  • "Never", by The House of Love from the 1990 album The House of Love
  • "Never", by Jomanda, 1993
  • "Never", by Marcus & Martinus from the 2017 album Moments
  • "Never", by Moby Grape from the 1968 album Wow/Grape Jam
  • "Never", by Roc Project, 2003
  • "Never", by Sevendust from the 2005 album Next


  • Never, Amur Oblast, a rural locality on the A360 Lena Highway
  • Never, a crater on Mars
  • Nevers, a commune in central France


  • NEVER (professional wrestling), a series of professional wrestling events held by New Japan Pro Wrestling

    Other uses

  • Never (album), 2012 album by Micachu and the Shapes
  • Never (film), 2014 drama written and directed by Brett Allen Smith