Nanuchka is a New York City based group formed by bassist/vocalist Yula Beeri (formerly of The World/Inferno Friendship Society), guitarist Roy Gurel, and Assf Spector. Their ever-changing sound is greatly eclectic. Yula’s voice, soars over both surf-rock guitars and soothing mandola melodies alike. The band independently released the titles "A carefully Planned Accident" and "Mediterranean" that features such songs as "Slut Rebound" co-written by Emilyn Brodsky, "Waiting for Satie" with lyrics in both French and English, and the title track, an homage to the band’s homeland in Israel. Although the band no longer operates as NaNuchKa, their members still collaborate under different names. They recently released a new video for their track "RED" which is featured in Constantin films new TV show Verbrechen.


  • Yula Beeri – Bass, vocals, keyboards & organs
  • Roy Gurel – Guitars, mandolin, back-up vocals
  • Shlomi Lavie – Drums, percussion
  • [ Yuval Semo] - Keyboards and synthesizers

    Former members

  • John Bollinger – Drums, percussion, back-up vocals
  • [ Assaf Spector]


  • Drink the Best Wine First (split with Guignol) – 2005
  • A Carefully Planned Accident – 2006
  • "Mediterranean" (Single) – 2007
  • Mediterranean EP (6 songs) – 2008