Music for Zen Meditation

Music for Zen Meditation is a 1964 album by jazz clarinetist Tony Scott

The album is considered to be the first new-age record. Music for Zen Meditation is mostly improvised by Scott, Shinichi Yuize (koto) and Hōzan Yamamoto (shakuhachi).


The fourth track entitled "After the Snow, the Fragrance" has been sampled by electronic artist Four Tet entitled "Parks" and appeared on his 2001 release, Pause.

Track listing

# "Is All Not One?" (Tony Scott, Hōzan Yamamoto, Shinichi Yuize) – 3:15 # "The Murmuring Sound of the Mountain Stream" (Scott, Yuize) – 8:05 # "A Quivering Leaf, Ask the Winds" (Yamamoto)– 2:30 # "After the Snow, the Fragrance" (Scott, Yuize) – 7:00 # "To Drift Like Clouds" (Yamamoto, Yuize) – 1:38 # "Za-Zen (Meditation)" (Scott, Yamamoto) – 2:05 # "Prajna-Paramita-Hridaya Sutra (Sutra Chant)" (Scott, Yuize) – 7:10 # "Sanzen (Moment of Truth)" (Scott, Yuize) – 6:45 # "Satori (Enlightenment)" (Scott, Yuize) – 5:25


  • Tony Scott - clarinet
  • Shinichi Yuize - koto
  • Hōzan Yamamoto - shakuhachi