Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness: Live Recordings is a live album by Bright Eyes. Documenting the I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning tours from the first half of 2005, Motion Sickness is a compilation of live tracks, including covers of Feist and Elliott Smith. It comes with a 24-page booklet featuring an extensive tour diary written by Jason Boesel (Bright Eyes live band/Rilo Kiley).

This album is the 6th release of Team Love Records.

Track listing

All songs written by Conor Oberst unless otherwise noted. #"At the Bottom of Everything" – 3:44 #"We Are Nowhere and It’s Now" – 4:01 #"Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)" – 4:07 #"Make War (Short Version)" – 0:43 #"Make War" – 5:41 #"A Scale, a Mirror and Those Indifferent Clocks" – 2:22 #"Landlocked Blues" – 5:51 #"Method Acting" – 3:41 #"Train Under Water" – 5:59 #"When the President Talks to God" – 3:27 #"Road to Joy" – 5:56 #"Mushaboom" (Leslie Feist) – 2:44 #"True Blue" – 5:41 #"Southern State" – 4:40 #"The Biggest Lie" (Elliott Smith) – 2:48


  • Stefanie Drootin – bass
  • Nate Walcott – trumpet, Wurlitzer, organ
  • Mike Mogismandolin, pedal steel, electric guitar, resophonic guitar, tambourine
  • Alex McManus – guitar, back-up singer
  • Conor Oberst – lead singer, guitar, wurlitzer, organ
  • Jason Boesel – drums
  • Nick White – Wurlitzer, organ
  • Jesse Harris - guitar (track 15)
  • Jacob Feinberg - Recording and Mix engineerCategory:Bright Eyes (band) live albums Category:2005 live albums Category:Team Love Records live albums