Mother Earth

Mother Earth may refer to:
  • the Earth goddess in any of the world's mythologies
  • Mother goddess
  • Mother Nature, a common personification of the Earth and its biosphere as the giver and sustainer of life

    Written media and literature

  • "Mother Earth" (novelette), a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov
  • Mother Earth (magazine), a magazine founded by anarchist Emma Goldman
  • Mother Earth (journal), a journal published by anarchists John G. Scott and Jo Ann Wheeler
  • Mother Earth News, a bi-monthly American magazine

    Film and television

  • Mother Earth (film), also known as Terra madre, a 1931 Italian film
  • The Mother Earth, the 2009 Malayalam film Boomi Malayalam
  • "Mother Earth" (The Green Green Grass), an episode of the BBC sitcom The Green Green Grass


    Musical ensembles

  • Mother Earth (American band), an American band formed in the late 60s
  • Mother Earth (UK band), an acid jazz group formed in the 90s
  • I Mother Earth, a Canadian alternative rock band

    Albums and video releases

  • Mother Earth (Within Temptation album)
  • Mother Earth (Maki Ohguro album)
  • Mother Earth Tour, a DVD release by Within Temptation
  • Tracy Nelson/Mother Earth or Mother Earth, an album by the U.S. group Mother Earth
  • Sacred Ground: A Tribute to Mother Earth, a compilation of Native American Indian music


  • "Mother Earth" (Memphis Slim song), 1959
  • "Mother Earth", by Jan Berry, 1972
  • "Mother Earth", by Tom Rush from Merrimack County, 1972
  • "Mother Earth", by Ian Thomas, 1975
  • "Mother Earth", by Cimarons, 1978
  • "Mother-Earth", by Crass from Stations of the Crass, 1979
  • "Mother Earth", by Sweet from Cut Above the Rest, 1979
  • "Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)", by Neil Young from Ragged Glory, 1990
  • "Mother Earth" (Underworld song), 1994
  • "Mother Earth" (Within Temptation song), 2002
  • "Mother Earth – a Fanfare", a composition by David Maslanka, 2003
  • "Mother Earth", by Freedom Call from the album The Circle of Life, 2005
  • "Mother Earth", by Banks from The Altar, 2016