Modern man

Modern man may refer to:

  • Modernity, recent history and society, especially: :* The modern individual or everyman. :* The contemporary human condition.
  • Anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens of the last 200,000 years

    Books and magazines

  • Modern Man (magazine), a defunct monthly men's magazine


  • Modern Man (film), a 2006 experimental drama about one man’s isolation and search for meaning. The film was directed, edited and photographed by Justin Swibel


  • Modern Men, American television sitcom starring Eric Lively, Josh Braaten, Max Greenfield, and Jane Seymour
  • "Modern Men" (Only Fools and Horses), television episode of Only Fools and Horses


  • Modern Man (band)
  • Modern Man (album), album by Stanley Clarke
  • Modern Man (Maccabees), album by Dissident Prophet
  • Modern Man (Michael Peterson album)
  • "Modern Man", a song by Bad Religion from the album Against the Grain
  • "Modern Man", a song by Black Flag from the album Loose Nut
  • "Modern Man", a song by Arcade Fire from the album The Suburbs
  • "Modern Man", a song by Ivan and Alyosha from the album It's All Just Pretend