Modern Way

"Modern Way" is the fourth and final single to be released by Kaiser Chiefs from their debut album Employment on 7 November 2005. It entered the UK Singles Chart at #11. Its lyrics refer to loneliness and regret.

The song's music video marked the directorial debut of the band's lead singer, Ricky Wilson and was co-directed by prolific video director Scott Lyon. It tells of the success of William Green, a juggler who has a unique skill for balancing tennis balls on his face, and the impact that he has made on the public. The band appears throughout as extras, notably donning glasses and facial hair, but during Green's climatic performance, they appear as themselves.

One of their contemporary bands from Yorkshire, The Cribs, covered "Modern Way" in 2005, as a B-side to their single "Mirror Kissers". In 2006, the song was reworked for the Buena Vista Social Club album Rhythms del Mundo.

Track listing

  • 7": # "Modern Way" - 4:01 # "Run Again"
  • CD: # "Modern Way" - 4:01 # "People Need Light"
  • Maxi-CD: # "Modern Way" - 4:01 # "Moon" # "It Ain't Easy" (demo) # "Modern Way" (Enhanced Video)