Miss You

Miss You may refer to:



  • Miss You (album), by The Stranglers, and the title song (see below), 2003
  • Miss You (EP), by Gabrielle Aplin, 2016


  • "Miss You" (1929 song), a song written in 1929, recorded by Bill Haley
  • "Miss You" (Aaliyah song), 2002
  • "Miss You" (Feeder song), 2008
  • "Miss You" (Gabrielle Aplin song), 2016
  • "Miss You" (Louis Tomlinson song), 2017
  • "Miss You" (M-flo song), 2003
  • "Miss You" (Rolling Stones song), 1978
  • "Miss You" (Westlife song), 1999, covered as "I Miss You" by Basshunter (2008)
  • "Miss You" (Yuna Ito song), 2008
  • "Miss You", by Alabama Shakes from Sound & Color
  • "Miss You", by Candlebox from Into the Sun
  • "Miss You", by Cashmere Cat
  • "Miss You", by Clinic from Free Reign
  • "Miss You", by The Crows
  • "Miss You", by Dream from It Was All a Dream
  • "Miss You", by Enrique Iglesias from Insomniac
  • "Miss You", by Foster the People from Torches
  • "Miss You", by Kashmir from The Good Life
  • "Miss You", by MYMP from Soulful Acoustic
  • "Miss You", by Manfred Mann from Soft Vengeance
  • "Miss You", by Mariah Carey from The Remixes
  • "Miss You", by Mirwais Ahmadzaï
  • "Miss You", by Nickelback from No Fixed Address
  • "Miss You", by The Stranglers from Written in Red
  • "Miss You", by Trentemøller from The Last Resort