Brainfuck}}Mindfuck may refer to:

  • A synonym for mind games for a manipulative abusive purpose.
  • Operation Mindfuck, a principle of discordianism
  • Incredible Expanding Mindfuck, an experimental music group founded by Steven Wilson
  • I.E.M. (album), eponymous debut album of said group
  • "Mindfuck", a song by Ween, from their 1986 album The Crucial Squeegie Lip
  • "Mindfuck (A New Equation)", a song by The Coup, from their 2006 album Pick a Bigger Weapon
  • Mindfuck, a supporting character in Adam Warren's Empowered.
  • "Mindfuck", a 2019 book by Christopher Wylie about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal