Mind Games

Mind games are a largely conscious struggle for psychological one-upmanship

Mind Games or Mind Game may also refer to:

Sports and games

  • Mind sport, sports that require significant mental rather than physical effort
  • In Your House 10: Mind Games, a WWE pay-per-view event
  • Mind Games, an annual gaming convention sponsored by American Mensa where the Mensa Select prize is awarded


  • BBC MindGames Magazine, a BBC puzzle magazine
  • Mind Game (novel), by Christine Feehan
  • Mindgame (play), a play by Anthony Horowitz, published 2000
  • Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space, a book by Robert Masters PhD and Jean Houston, from which John Lennon took the title for his song and album
  • Mind Games: Amazing Mental Arithmetic Made Easy, a book by George Lane
  • The Mind Game (1980) by Norman Spinrad, a novel about the power of cults
  • Mind Games (2010) by Carolyn Crane, her debut novel
  • Mind Games (2019) by Annabel Vernon, about the psychology of elite sport

    Film and television

  • Mind Games (1989 film), a 1989 American thriller film
  • Mind Games (2001 film), a 2001 British crime drama film
  • Mindgame (Doctor Who), two direct-to-video film dramas based on the TV series Doctor Who in 1997 and 1999
  • Mind Game (film), a 2004 Japanese animated film
  • Mind Games, a 2006 television movie starring Paul Johansson
  • Mind Games (TV series), a 2014 US television series
  • Mind Game (2015 TV series), a 2015 Singaporean television series
  • "Mind Games" (Kim Possible), an episode of Kim Possible
  • "Mind Games" (NCIS), an episode of the television drama NCIS
  • "Mind Games", 54th episode television series Generator Rex


  • Mindgames (band), a rock band from Belgium


  • Mind Games (John Lennon album), 1973
  • Mindgames (album), a 1988 album by saxophonist Greg Osby
  • Mind Games (Paul Lamb album), 2010
  • MindGames (Praga Khan album), 2013
  • Mind Games (Palisades album), 2015


  • "Mind Games" (Banks song), a song by Banks from her 2016 album The Altar
  • "Mind Games" (Zard song), a 1999 song by Zard
  • "Mind Games" (John Lennon song), 1973
  • "Mind Games", a song by Devo from their 2010 album Something for Everybody